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                               Start your journey to a new
                                 Healthier & Focused Life. 

                                             Transform your Physical & Mental Health 
                                     by stimulating your Mind & Body
 regardless of Age.



Cold water therapy helps ailments & diseases both in body & mind
Exercise is great for people aged 50 & over
Age is just a number with nutrition & exercise helping weight loss & mental health

          So you're probably wondering what is The 50 Years Young Community?


So, a couple of months ago I bumped into an old friend I hadn’t seen for a few years. We chatted over a quick coffee about what we had both been up to since our paths last crossed. We both laughed about how old age was slowly catching up with us and the ailments it brought with it. He moaned about the things that reminded him he was aged 50 and no spring chicken anymore and how surprised he was how it was affecting him both physically and mentally.

Then it was my turn and I felt slightly awkward. Not wanting to make him feel worse I reluctantly confessed that I had never felt better. I was fitter both mentally and physically than I had ever been previously. I was super focused on things in my life including my family, hobbies and my job. I was happy and admitted I had no physical ailments as of yet. Expecting him to feel a bit miffed I changed the subject, but instead his eyes lit up as he asked me how and why?

While chatting about the methods I’d been following that were things I thought were normal, including good nutrition, exercise and something I’d got into which was cold water therapy, he became excited. “What a great idea! show me what I need to do and I’ll do it” I was a bit taken back because for me it was just simple routines I’d been following and I knew other people did too. After more chatting and him picking my brains, he then suggested something that took me by surprise and has now got me thinking.

“Why don’t you tell other people about what you do?”

“How?” I replied.

“Using a community forum or similar, something like a membership where you can teach people my age and your age what we need to do to get healthier”

So, after much deliberation I have decided to heed his advice and set up a membership community and share with you the methods I use to stay and feel young at the age of 50 using my website & a private Facebook Group. Search for the 50 Years Young Community.

A place where we can learn from each other and share our stories. Together we can learn how simple it is to lose weight the healthy way, without diets by eating the right nutrition.

How to get our health back, making us feel and look younger and create a healthy lifestyle by simple exercise which in turn improves our immune system and slows down the ageing process. Defy the stereotypical attitude, that is people over 50 years of age are past it, unemployable, too old for this role etc. Help fight off diseases, whether it be in the mind or the body.

If enough people are interested, supply healthy nutritious meal plans every month in your inbox. Basically be 50 years young, not 50 years old.

If being 50 Years Young sounds like you then I would like to invite you to join as a Founding Member at an incredible reduced rate. 

As a founding member you get to help create a life changing community and place the building blocks that will help so many people.

Unfortunately, it can’t stay at the reduced rate for long. This is a Founding Member, Pre-Launch deal only. After the membership launch, the price will increase.

What do you have to do to grab this amazing deal?

Send me a direct message by pressing the Founding Member Price Button below and I’ll do the rest.


                               Weight Loss, Anti-Ageing, Exercise help, it's all here for you to try.

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Join me on a journey helping people become 50 years young, not 50 years old 

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