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I am 49 years young, married and have two gorgeous boys who have an endless supply of energy that makes a wind turbine seem lazy.

My interest in fitness started early as a Climber & Mountaineer. This took me all across the UK including North Wales & Scotland Rock Climbing and Ice Climbing. My mountaineering portfolio grew quickly with regular trips to the European Alps, the Caucasus in Russia and the Himalayas. This became the foundations of who I am today and gave me very fond memories.

Climbing remained my passion as well as owning a Motorcycle where numerous track race days were had and my fitness remained a priority.

My interests soon changed and I luckily found Running which had an amazing impact on me personally. I used to think I was a positive person with a reasonably healthy lifestyle but it wasn't until I experienced the joys of running and the healthy lifestyle that comes with it that I realised I had so much more to offer. I am now a keen runner, running park runs, regular events including marathons and other varying distances and enjoying my improved Mental Health & increased positivity meaning I am keen & passionate to share the knowledge on how to do it.

I currently hold diplomas as a personal trainer/fitness instructor and in nutrition/sports nutrition.

My writing became my way of documenting my life in books, whether they be fiction or non fiction & I am currently writing my next book "Running Through Your Mind" Here's to life, a healthy life.

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