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Lesson 1. Exercise doesn't mean we all have to become athletes, it's much bigger than that.

A lot of people get worried when they hear the word Exercise. We fear that we're not capable, Gyms, the people in gyms and what we seem to have to wear in gyms scares us, we struggle when we have to climb stairs or walk to the shops or walk the dog or we feel we're too old now. 

The truth is, exercise isn't scary and here's the best part, we get to choose what it is. 

"I don't need to exercise, I'm happy with who I am" is something I've heard quite a lot. 

The truth is being physically active can and will improve your Brain Health, help manage Weight, reduce the risk of Disease, Strengthen Bones and Muscles and improve your ability to do everyday activities. It really can't be over emphasised how important and good for our bodies and minds exercise is. Not only the short terms effects but in the long term also.

Even though you might have reached the age of 50 it's certainly not too late to start exercising and to feel the benefits later in life. 

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