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Beyond the Spring

Chapter 3 excerpt.

.......Wyre felt confident he had not been seen but realised he must not take the risk. He had just witnessed someone being murdered in cold blood in the court house opposite. As he dialled 999 on his phone he quietly muttered the word "shit". In the window stood the guy holding the gun, frowning and staring right back at him making clear eye contact. In the blink of an eye the guy turned and disappeared from sight of the window but Wyre sensed it wasn't to hide. Wyre's reaction was to see if he would appear at the door outside. If he did then Wyre would fear the worst. Within seconds the shooter had appeared at the entrance of the court, glancing up at Wyre although Wyre had now hidden from view but watched as the guy seemed to make his way to the library with a purposeful stride, weapon now hidden from view.

As quick as his mind would allow Wyre now had to decide whether he, or more importantly his 6 year old son Oliver was in danger. He had to draw on his experience and his gut feeling because Wyre was no stranger to life threatening scenarios and felt very uncomfortable with how this guy looked and acted. Something didn't feel right and Wyre battled with cautious feelings now filling his mind. With Oliver he could not take the risk. Paternal instinct took over and calmly but as quick as he could Wyre turned away from the window and made his way towards his oblvious and innocent son. Although feeling perhaps over protective and slightly paranoid Wyre decided his next course of action could no harm. He had to assume the shooter thought the witness, in this case Wyre was alone in the library so the concerned father approached his son calmly in an attempt to distance himself from the oblivious 6 year old Oliver.

"Oliver you must listen to me and trust me! I have to leave you so you need to do exactly what I tell you"

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