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So what does it take for readers to review a book. What would entice them to take 5 minutes of their time, go online and share their thoughts. More importantly what can I give in return. A free copy of the book would be no good because you have already read it. Money but then that's almost bribery. Alcohol but then it's posting it. I don't do drugs but know plenty who do, so maybe something to make your arse go numb. Pictures of me in a loin cloth but then everyone has seen my arse on the book cover. Nude pictures of my wife and me, but then again they're fetching too much money on various internet sites. Maybe a massage session without the happy ending (this could change depending on the review). Maybe £5 voucher for Argos, no wait that's pushing the boat out a little too much. I know B&M bargains, no poundland. Ok a £10 voucher. Well there's my idea so why don't you think of something you would want in return for writing a splendid review online. Let me know and get reviewing.

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