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The power of reading.

This is a message I received from a Mr Nick Gardner from Bristol. Feeling very humbled at the moment. Hi Mike, I am writing to you so I can tell you my story since buying and reading your book last year. My name is Nick, I’m 30 years old and I used to work in Primark in Bristol. As you can guess the money isn’t good but the job was just to tide me over until I could find something else. I was sat doing the normal smartphone/Facebook thing when a picture of your book appeared on my screen. I very rarely tap the sponsored adverts and I was reluctant to tap this one of a man’s ass in a woman’s thong. Jesus Christ I was yet to eat my lunch yet the picture of you stood there practically naked with the London skyline looking free and bloody crazy looking had me intrigued. Anyway one day while holding my breath and closing one eye in fear of some even worse image I couldn’t stomach appearing I tapped the link which took me to your website. Slightly relieved I read the synopsis on the book and then checked out the gallery page and the pictures of the work you do. I couldn’t believe this type of thing existed and that you could do this as a job. If I’m honest it looked a bit crazy but for a few days I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I even started looking up at the countless buildings in the city while walking to work. I ordered the book and waited in anticipation for it to come and when it arrived I read the whole thing in a few days. What a book! The job and the work you do sounded even crazier than the pictures. After much consideration and soul searching I researched where I could do a course, mulled on the cost, borrowed some money then booked it using my holidays from work in case it wasn’t for me. Well fuck me! You mentioned piles in the book and now I can see why. Sitting in a harness for hours isn’t fun is it? Then there were the arms and the pain and more pain. I liked descending the rope but climbing it was just something else. The first day was fine but by Thursday I was struggling to hold my penis when pissing. Anyway Friday came and I bumbled and sweated my way through my level 1 which for someone who weighs 17 stone and overweight was an achievement. Eventually I left my job when I was guaranteed work but not before getting off my fat arse and losing some weight in the gym and running. After finding the course very hard it had spurred me on to change my lazy habits. It was bloody hard to get regular work but the odd few days a week was enough. The driving all over the country is something I have to get used to but I’m loving the job. My life before I read your book was slightly shitty. I was overweight, lazy, very skint and bored of my job. I’m now slightly less skint with the sporadic work that being self-employed brings but having a great time. I’ve met some assholes on the few jobs I’ve been on but also a lot of really nice people like in your book. I’ve lost weight although I have been drinking a lot of tea. I feel more confident, even started climbing if only indoors and my life now seems to be getting better and it was inspired by your book so I have to thank you. I look forward to meeting up on a job in the future. Take care, Nick Gardner 

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