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Naked & more naked.

This time 11 years ago it was chaos. Here on Beetham/Hilton tower, Manchester I look slightly relieved to be on my own. For those who have read the book will know this is because every day you ran the gauntlet of trying to fit glass without having someone's cock and arse shoved in your face. Being naked was normal and when you asked someone to pass you a tool it was either their tool or tools in a pod bag swinging from a cock ring. When you were swinging 200m above Deansgate with a 350kg piece of glass ready to fix it, most guys inside the room would be semi naked from the waist down, all of us hungover from the many late nights before. It was all good though with many friendships forged and fond memories/nightmares made. It reached new levels when we would ascend to the 48th floor in a dark lift, the sound of giggles and sniggering from the Rope Access lads as clothes were being removed. The lift opened, the light shone in and the builders were horrified to see half a dozen naked blokes standing right next to them. Oh their faces. 2006, what a year. You know who you are.😂 

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