• mikesmartin

Away from home....again.

As well as the depravity and crudeness there is a serious side to the book. I cover the affects of Rope Techs working away from their families. Most other trades do their skill set near home but Rope Access is different. We have to live on the road a lot as our work takes us all over, including offshore. Our emotions are tested as our children ask how long we'll be away and where we have been or we have to tell our partners we'll miss out on birthdays etc. Relationships are tested or broken. My boys like reading this book when I'm away. Some of you will sneer at this post but the physiological consequences are ever present. It affects me and many others who choose this unique job but as long as we're putting food in the fridge and doing something we enjoy it's worth it..........isn't it??????👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 

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