• Mike Martin.

Mental Health is vital now.

Mental Health is important at the best of times but now in this new and unprecedented situation we find ourselves in it is vital we do our best to look after ourselves and those close to us.

For me running is currently my mental control mechanism. For those who run know its not just about keeping fit and losing weight it's about the feeling after a run as well the action itself. The endorphins released feed our minds with positivity making situations in life easier to deal with. The thought of not running or doing the activity we chose personally fills me with dread but as humans we are good at adapting. I will try and run as long as I am allowed to and if I can't I will do whatever physical activity I can to prepare myself for better times ahead.

I'm lucky because I have a supporting family around me but not everyone does. Running or other outdoor activities are the only way some people socialise and in these unique times this might not be possible.

Using Facebook, Instagram, Strava or my website chat feel free to drop me a line even it's just for a good old chinwag about running, climbing or anything really.

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