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About Fit@50 &
Running Through Your Mind

I've developed Fit@50 & RTYM to INTRODUCE and ENCOURAGE people who perhaps think they're too old or it's too late in life to start running & exercise as a way of improving their health. Exercise and in particular Running is not just all about punishing yourself & your body to become an athlete. The true benefits are much greater than that. It will give you a more positive way of thinking and improve your MENTAL HEALTH.

Am I too old to start doing Exercise & Running?

How does Running & Exercise improve my Health & Mental Health?


Whatever your questions, just know that we'll be here for you every step of the way, whether it be you are unsure of where to start and lack confidence and it's you're first ever time doing exercise or running or you want to find a way of improving your mindset in Life.

Feel confident that you are in the right place to create a more positive and healthier lifestyle and improve your mental health.

I want to share my love for running and my passion for simple but effective exercise.

My passion to pass on what I have personally experienced has led me to study nutrition & healthy eating, workouts and other aspects of Running & Exercise.

I hold diplomas as a Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor and Nutrition/Sports Nutrition.

I have also completed the UK COACHING & MIND course 


If you think you're ready to make positive changes then join the Private Facebook Group page. I personally think this is a great way to interact quickly and easy using the accessible tools available on a page such as this. It can be as personal as you want it to be and we can have fun doing it.

Once you are subscribed you will receive an email or invite with a link to the group to gain full access to RTYM.

I am also developing a "Paid Members Only" page on this website.

CLICK the EMAIL BUTTON to have a chat with us or

Visit the "CONTACT-SUBSCRIBE" page. 

It's your life....embrace it and choose positive changes and invest in yourself.


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