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One of my other passions is writing as a fiction & non fiction author. 

My books are available to buy online and I hope you find them as thrilling and exciting to read as I did writing them.

Please enjoy the journey as you escape your world and take a glimpse into mine.

Thank you for looking.



A funny & humorous rope access & climbing biography

 Many moons ago, 19 years to be exact, Mike quit his job as a postman to become a Rope Access Technician. Read his story about a chaotic and emotional rollercoaster ride that is being an industrial abseiler, working on some of the most iconic buildings and structures in Britain.

While doing this exhilarating job he has worked with some of the most unique, strange and just damn right crazy people you are ever likely to meet. This book has it all! The outrageous funny stories, the adrenalin rushes, the debauchery, the fear, the deaths, the sadness, the depression and camaraderie that bonds these people and yet makes them all very different.

Make a brew, close the curtains, strap yourself in and take a very deep breath because this book is a fantastic and exhilarating insight into one of the most diverse industries a career advisor will never tell you to pursue.



This must read book is available in Paperback and Hardback format from major book sellers including AMAZON & WATERSTONES.


Get yours now and laugh harder than you've ever laughed before.







A story of Government lies & corruption
The world watches and holds its breath as the Arab spring takes hold across the Middle East.
Dr Wyre Davis ends up in the thick of it while working for the organisation called Medecins Sans Frontieres. While home on leave Wyre's 5 year old son gets abducted and he will stop at nothing to get him back, but from whom?
Detective Alex Richards can help but will have to confront his dark past if he is to save the boy and take revenge on those who have him. As events spiral out of control both men realise the reason for the boys disappearance is far darker than they could ever imagine.
As time runs out so does hope.
Motorcycle racing in the motogp against Valentino Rossi
A Stunning and Moving story that follows Aaron Rose's journey as he is plucked from motorsport obscurity to fulfill his dream and race in the MotoGP  World Championship.
His home race at Silverstone looms against the likes of Valentino Rossi, Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo but things are not what they seem.
He must not race......he cannot race.
When life doesn't give us what we hope for we are forced to dream.
But what happens when the dream becomes reality and betrayal is your only friend?
LUCIFER'S ANGEL (based on true events)
One warm summer evening a chain of tragic events changes a young boys life forever.
To lead a normal adult life is no longer an option for Connor Chevaal as he becomes consumed with revenge. He will stop at nothing to ensure those responsible pay the ultimate price but will fate play a bigger part than he ever could?
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